Saturday 26 April 2014

Kenderaan Rasmi Pres.US "THE BEAST"...TPPA AGENDA: Protest Note To Barack Obama!

Ahad, 28 April 2014

Sebarkan. 3pm di sogo hari ini ada flashmob bantah tppa dan kedatangsn obama.

Press Release
25 th April 2014


WE , the people of Malaysia from every walk of life , across every race and religion , express our position on the US hege
mony on the TPPA negotiation where Malaysia is a member of the round talks.

We are informed that your visit to Malaysia is to press for the conclusion of the TPPA negotiation. This to us is unacceptable. We reject and vehemently protest the US agenda of wanting Malaysia to agree on a trade regulation that will affect directly millions of lives of the Malaysian people.

We are apprehensive of your determination to advocate for countries like Malaysia to oblige itself to the protocols that will bind and will consequently enforce changes to our national policies , for the benefit of the US , to penetrate into the Malaysian market .

We have learned the long term implication of the kind of binding aggreement that you are lobbying for in the agreement. The fact that the negotiation is done in strict secrecy is enough for all people in Malaysia to have doubts about its benefit , as it will not ensure the interest of the people will be protected.

Mr. Obama , to us your visit to Malaysia is yet another US international relationship manuevering to prevail upon countries like Malaysia , on how the US agenda is applying its influence on the world.

The US hegemony in the variuos sectors of the lives of citizens around the world is without doubt overwheming. We witness how US is operating at the international scene , putting its weight on nations , to ensure that the US interest is to be placed as a top concern. Any language that is used to seduce countries to accept the supposedly mutual benefit which is claimed to be derived from trade dealings, under the name of world trade , to us is dubious and manipulative.

We despise the way US is policing the world with impunity , acting with hipocracy , forcing nations to comply with the US rules of democracy.

You must accept the reality that even your foreign policy doctrine needs to be re-examing . A case of Syria are recent developments in the Asia-Pacific region signal the need for a foreign policy shift .

We observe that now the US hegemony centerpiece in Asia is the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement. Free trade is not actually your main target but assuring Asian friends that America is still committed to the Asian developments. Your main concern is to be the counterweight to China .

If the TPP is about trade then the negotiations over it should not be held in strict secrecy.We note that even a few members of U.S. Congress do not have any idea of what is actually in the draft agreement.

What we are sensing is , US is taking TPPA to be its geo-economic and political power game to deal with the challenges from China. This is done with the price negotiation countries have to pay.

We are fully aware of your intention to keep Malaysia as one of US strategic partner to reach out to other countries within Asean. It does not only encompass the issue of trade but also of security.

Mr Obama , we are voicing out strongly against what US is doing to prevail upon nations like Malaysia to impose your will , to comply with what you want.

We demand that you give seriuos attention to our call in your visit to Malaysia.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM
Just for info 'The Beast'
Mungkin ramai yg tak tahu kenderaan rasmi Pres US dh sampai 2 hari lebih awal disini. Mari kita selongkar kederaan yg dipanggil THE BEAST ini .......
.... Just for info


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