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Black 505: Salleh jangan risau, tidak perlu tentera...

Jumaat, 21 Jun 2013
Salleh tidak perlu risau dengan perhimpunan ini kerana rakyat bukannya pemberontak 
KUALA LUMPUR: Dewan Pemuda PAS Wilayah Persekutuan (DPPWP) menganggap cadangan Pengarah Jabatan Keselamatan Dalam Negeri dan Ketenteraman Awam, Datuk Seri Salleh Mat Rasid yang mahu menggunakan bantuan tentera jika keadaan memerlukan dalam menangani pelbagai perkara terutamanya Himpunan Black 505 pada Sabtu ini sebagai tidak rasional dan relevan.
Bagi DPPWP, cadangan Salleh keterlaluan kerana menganggap perhimpunan tersebut sebagai suatu ancaman kepada negara dan dengan menggunakan tentera bererti nyawa dan keselamatan rakyat terutama peserta himpunan dalam keadaan bahaya.

“Mungkin  kenyataan Salleh hanya suatu provokasi bagi menakut-nakutkan rakyat agar menjauhi perhimpunan aman yang dijadualkan pada Sabtu ini,” ujar Timbalan Ketuanya, Mohamad Suhaimi Abdul Aziz dalam satu kenyataan.

Justeru, tanya beliau apakah pihak polis tidak pernah menangani perhimpunan-perhimpunan aman yang diadakan sebelum ini sehingga terfikir untuk menggunakan khidmat tentera.

“Bukankah negara ini meriah dengan pelbagai siri perhimpunan aman sejak dahulu lagi dan kesemuanya itu berakhir dengan aman tanpa sedikitpun pertumpahan darah?” tanya beliau lagi.

DPPWP menegaskan peserta perhimpunan bukannya pengganas atau penjenayah berbahaya yang mahu menjajah negara.
 Army to control Black 505?: ARE YOU NUTS! LOL! Are our police, govt so incompetent?
Katanya, kesemua peserta himpunan hadir dengan santai bersama keluarga tanpa senjata.

Negara ini pula, ujar beliau bukannya berada dalam keadaan darurat sehingga memaksa tentera turun campurtangan.

“Salleh tidak perlu risau dengan perhimpunan ini kerana rakyat bukannya pemberontak yang tidak tahu undang-undang dan hak mereka,” ujarnya lagi.

Tambahnya, semua pihak menghormati perlembagaan, undang-undang dan sistem pilihan raya yang diguna pakai di negara ini.
Bahkan, jelasnya pemimpin perhimpunan berikrar tidak akan menggulingkan kerajaan melalui jalan raya.

Menurutnya, rakyat hanya mahukan keadilan dalam sistem pilihan raya yang telah ditipu dan SPR perlu bertanggungjawab terhadap kesemua dakwaan ini.

“Rakyat hanya mahukan kerajaan mengambil langkah menangani segera isu penyelewengan yang berlaku dalam pilihan raya dengan rombakan terhadap SPR serta penambah baikan agar PRU14 dijalankan dengan adil dan bersih,” katanya.
DPPWP mengharapkan, cadangan tersebut hanya tinggal cadangan dan tidak akan dilaksanakan menjelang himpunan Sabtu ini.

Katanya, rakyat menyanjung tinggi pasukan keselamatan terutama pasukan tentera yang begitu setia dan ikhlas berkhidmat untuk negara dan wajar tenaga mereka digunakan buat membendung jenayah dan pengganas yang menjadi ancaman sebenar kepada negara.Harakahdaily.

Army to control Black 505?: ARE YOU NUTS! LOL! Are our police, govt so incompetent?
Written by  J. D. Lovrenciear

t is absolutely ridiculous how the powers that be and their appointed spokespersons slam the Blackout 505 rallies. It is also most intimidating and ridiculous when leaders at the helm charged with the responsibility of providing national security and safety pre-empt the 22nd June rally as something most violent and dangerous.

The latest statement reported in the media that even the army is on stand-by to zoom in and aid the police if the situation warrants makes the minority-polled government look like a totally inept leadership that is jittery all the way down to the gurkas who carry out the masters’ directives.

The past many Blackout 505 rallies numbering hundreds of thousands of citizens' participation have a registered track record of not only being peaceful but also proven to be orderly, disciplined and patriotic.

Yes, the crowds all across the nation have demonstrated that even without a single traffic cop or police personnel, they are capable of behaving without provocative behavior; that the citizens are capable of being responsible that they even cart away the trash of plastic bottles and food wrappers from the vicinity at the end of the rally; that the protestors also register their loyalty to King and nation as they end each rally with a passionate rendition of our National Anthem with such vigor and dedicated respect; that the people have no qualms in extending so much of goodwill as they help each other to car-pool at the close of the rallies as public transport shuts down close to midnight.

You do not get to see fist fights; no unruly behavior; not even the blaring of car horns despite the choking traffic that takes hours to ease; no mat rempit styled stunts from motorcyclists despite the bumper to bumper bottlenecks as no traffic cops want to do their duty to His Majesty’s subjects; no reports of injuries but the rakyat rope in their volunteer medic teams nevertheless, as the government will not send in the official medical support for His Majesty’s subjects.
The people numbering tens of thousands at each rally in the past have noticeably demonstrated that they are not taking the law into their own hands; that they are not out to destroy this nation; that they are mindful of their loyalty and respect for King and nation; that they are indeed staging a peaceful protest to merely register their rejection of undemocratic elections and to force recalcitrant politicians and salaried leaders to owe up.

Now, why are the uniformed leaders treating this nation’s citizens like some terrorists?

Why are they making the rakyat feel most unwanted?

Why are they persistent in insulting His Majesty’s subjects – some 51% of the voting rakyat, who only want to return to His Majesty what rightfully belongs to the Crown, i.e. the dignity and honor of a nation that is peaceful, clean, fair and just?

All over the country this past several weeks since May 5, the Blackout 505 rallies have showcased transparently, loudly and consistently that these are incident free peaceful gatherings to register the citizens’ protest against undemocratic principles that fuel corruption and deceit.

Telling the media that the police and the army will be used against the citizens is a very grave and serious matter that cannot be allowed to continue. The very fact that the fundamental duty of the police and the army is to protect this nation’s citizens against any harm and danger and to protect our nation’s sovereign status demands that they stop issuing such unwarranted warnings that actually goes against our Ruler’s repeated expressions and concerns and cares for His subjects.
The security people's call of duty is to protect this nation’s citizens for as long as the people have expressed and proven that they are participating in these rallies to further uphold the Sovereign status of this nation as a true Constitutional Monarchy free from the political sins of greed, lies, cheats, injustices and scheming thefts.

No nation can stop, deny, rob or obstruct its citizens’ right to participate in the cleansing of their nation according to established, promoted and upheld democratic standards of the world through peaceful and harmonious strategies and activities.

Only tyrants and wicked regimes who have been exploiting the masses will fear the proven, peaceful, protest Blackout 505 rallies . Only dictators will cloak their ill intents with faked statements as they peddle untruths of a possible “threat to national security”.

In short, leaders please cut the crap. Stop the bullying. Plug the leaks.
The fact to the entire world is, Blackout 505 on 22/6 is already gaining momentum and will emerge as the defining milestone in the political history of this nation as hundreds of thousands are expected to congregate with a united heart and mind to resuscitate this nation’s collapsing democracy.

Blackout 505 in not about political parties but it is about reforming a parasitic political landscape that cannot anymore benefit all citizens and leave a legacy for centuries to come.

If there was no truth in the claims made at these rallies, the crowds would have fizzled out a long time ago and died a natural death.

But no, Blackout 505 has been gaining momentum over time and in all likelihood will arrive at a new crescendo this 22nd June. So the police and the army must not make enemies with the public if they want to be party to the nation’s rebirth and future.

Instead the police, the army and the powers-that-be should wizen-up and grab the olive branch that is extended through the coming rally and be a part of that crowning glory that returns to His Majesty a nation that will progress in the sunshine of democratic principles for all His subjects.



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