Tuesday 2 April 2019

[Video Anwar: Menjawab Isu Panas Mainan Pembangkang] Rupanya, Najib sudah lama mengiktiraf UEC & BN kasi kontrak kepada KRONI sehingga 2024 tapi Najib salahkan kerajaan PH..Ini dia PENIPU! Umno Perak curi RM413 joterr duit rakyat?

Selasa, 2 April 2019
Imej mungkin mengandungi: 5 orang, orang senyum, teks
Dalam kita dok bising kerajaan Ayahanda Tun iktiraf UEC (walaupun sebenarnya tiada keputusan lagi daripada Jawatankuasa kajian) namun si Najib ni dah lama iktiraf UEC.
Tengok apa dia bagi pada puak-puak depa ni.
Imej mungkin mengandungi: 1 orang, tersenyum
Imej mungkin mengandungi: 1 orang, berdiri dan teks

Tak Nak BN
KUALA LUMPUR, March 30 — Former Perak mentri besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir has been asked to explain how the developer could have gone into liquidation after being paid RM413 million for Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS).
Perak Corporation Berhad (PCB) audit committee chairman Chong Zemin demanded answers from Zambry as to how Sanderson Design Group (M) Sdn Bhd (SDGM) could have wind up after receiving such an enormous payment from Animation Theme Park Sdn Bhd (ATP).
He also said that prior to the winding up, SDGM was suspiciously transferred to a company incorporated in the British Virgin Island, Calgary Global Limited, on October 31, 2017.
“How can a company which received RM413 million in total payments faced financial and cash flow problems, get transferred to a company incorporated in BVI and subsequently wind up?” Chong, who is also Keranji assemblyman, asked in a statement.
“Zambry as the former PKNP Chairman was well aware of all these facts, but what has he done as the chairman of PKNP when these facts were made known to him?” he asked, referring to Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak.
“Did he call for an investigation if the RM413 million received by SDGM were wholly used to construct MAPS or whether part of the funds was diverted elsewhere?”
Chong said the internal audit report had concluded that due to the limited information and inability to access SDGM accounts and records, the internal audit was unable to establish whether there was any fraudulent acts or misconduct during the construction of MAPS.
He added that the internal audit also opined that the review on SDGM’s accounts and records was vital as it would help to determine the outflow of cash from SDGM especially when it is known that SDGM were facing cash flow problems.
He pointed out that in May 2018, during the creditor meeting called by the appointed liquidator, PCB Development Sdn Bhd (PCBD) was told that SDGM only has RM1,500 left in their bank accounts and the liquidator do not have access to SDGM bank statements and accounts which, he said, was highly unusual.
Chong said the state Public Accounts Committee has summoned SDGM’s banker to provide all statements and testify in a hearing scheduled on April 9.
PCB, which is a PKNP subsidiary, owns the PCBD, which holds a 51 per cent share in the ATP. The balance 49 per cent share belongs to RSG MAPS Sdn Bhd (RSGM).
On Thursday, Zambry said he should not be blamed for MAPS cost overruns because he was not chairman of PCBD and ATP.
Zambry explained that he was only the chairman of PKNP and that he could not make any decision for PCBD because the latter is a public listed company.
Chong had earlier challenged Zambry to explain the RM217 million increase for the construction and development of MAPS following a special internal audit report.
He had said that Zambry should be fully responsible for the increase in the cost of constructing and developing MAPS, which went from RM390 million to RM607 million as he had direct control of the PCB.
Chong also claimed that Zambry had allowed an advance payment of RM250 million by PCBD to the main contractor of the project, despite knowing that the contractor had financial problems.


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